Wednesday, May 9, 2012

MAC Week Two: Leadership Blog Post...To Present or Publish?
So I checked out a few more nearby conferences this week, and couldn't find one that fit my needs.  It hadn't occurred to me that many conferences only allow members to present, and membership isn't cheap!  So I went back to look at the three organizations that I already belong to: NEA, NSTA and NABT.  All three have publications, and all three are accepting manuscripts at this time.  I'll need to take a few days to look over the submission requirements.  I already see that NSTA wants you to state that your manuscript has not been submitted anywhere else before they review it.  At this point, I will start working on a paper and fine tune it as I decide where exactly to submit it.

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  1. Interesting... i'm not sure that only members can present. I just presented at macworld for the CUE part of the conference and I haven't been a CUE member in years.