Friday, May 25, 2012

MAC Week Four: Comment to Katie

In her blog post this week, Katie Ross wrote:
"Excuse me, does anyone have a lighter because I have a light that needs to be sparked!

Over the past 11 months I’ve put a lot of things to the side to focus on school so that I could get the most out of it. I can now say, since I can see the end so close  ( No worries Professor Joe, I’m not taking a break yet)I”ve been thinking what I’m I going to do with all of my free time.  The answer finally came to me over a short vacation last week and it’s, volunteer for the Big Brother Big Sister organization here in Orlando. I want to spread my spark out to children who are just looking for a spark to follow. Who are looking for assistance lighting their own spark. As a small speck on this big universe I always try to give back. However the time has come for me to give back to another person.  The ending of the EMDT program is a great time for me to pick up another life changing torch."
I can't imagine a better testimony to the power of our program than you carrying the torch into a place where young people are yearning for a spark! What a great use of your skills, and a great way for you to pay it forward, in a way.  Those kids will be in "our" classrooms one day, and they will be carrying your motivation and spark with them.  Thanks, Katie, for being you!

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