Saturday, May 26, 2012

MAC Week Four: Leadership Post

Who are my role models?

I would have to say at this point in the evolution of my teaching craft, the teachers at Full Sail and my cohort are my role models.  My professors this year have opened all the doors and windows for teaching technology, well, and teaching in general.  I've learned things from them that I never really thought I wanted to know! And my cohort, where do I even start?  Obviously we are all like-minded individuals, since we all joined this program because we wanted to change or improve our teaching methods.  There are many lessons that I'll take away from this year of intense learning, here are a few of my favorite memories:
Bill's professionalism,
David's heart,
Cindi's courage,
Dara's faith,
Shrav's mad skills,
Golda's persistence,
Kristen's conviction,
Faith's dream,
Katherine's enthusiasm,
Rodolfo's music,
Irving's spirit,
Duwaine's attitude,
Rosa's swagger,
Alyson's talent,
Tricia's conviction,
Kim's intelligence,
Joe's ability,
Bryan's tunes,
and the memory of everyone else that I missed, and all of their talent!

On a high note, my principal told me this week that if I get accepted to present at the conference in New Hampshire, he'll buy my plane ticket! So here's hoping....


  1. Amanda,
    This is my favorite post I have read all year. You have captured the best of all of our cohort. May I add:

    Amanda's drive

    You have always been my go-to gal for help on assignments, advice on dealing with my class, and my inspiration for getting technology even when district leaders say "No". Your drive is truly an inspiration. I know we will be life-long friends, and I can not wait to see you in Florida. Thank you, my friend!

  2. Wonderful way to look at leadership by looking at your classmates. Perfect.

  3. Amanda, what an amazing approach to this assignment. Thank you for the shout out -- I also constantly tell myself that for the first time in my life, I am just so grateful and lucky to be in a program with a cohort of all creative geniuses and agents of change! I believe we all inspire each other to some extent, and yes @Cyndee, we can not leave out your drive! Can't wait to meet you and your family at Graduation!