Friday, May 4, 2012

MAC Week One: Leadership Post

To Present? or not To Present?

That is the question! My first thought was, heck yeah! I'll present, I'm much better at that than at writing a paper.  Then I had to think about where, and when, and how to get there.  Then I was back to my original question.

To Present? or not To Present?

Of course, I've always dreamed of presenting at an NSTA conference.  My district paid for me to attend conferences for the first ten years I was a teacher at my school, that was my first introduction to the possibility of technology in the classroom.  In fact, I clearly remember making a list at one session, a "wish" list if you will, and bringing it back to my principal.  I'm pretty sure I have everything that was on that list now, and a few things that didn't even exist back then!!
 Unfortunately, all of the NSTA conferences for 2012 are closed for submission of proposals.  And the 2013 conference submissions won't open until September.  So, I guess I'll be trying to get published.  I'm going to start looking into the NSTA publications, The Science Teacher is the one that I have been reading for years.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Great reasoning and choices... and think how prepared you'll be when the conference rolls around next year. Good luck.