Friday, May 25, 2012

MAC Week Four Blog Post: The Art of Possibility

In my reading this week, chapters 9-12, I was struck by several of Zander's stories and how his openness to possibility changed so many people and situations.
In Chapter 9, Lighting a Spark, Zander details his trials when trying to find a corporate sponsor for his youth symphony.  By being open to the possibility of an answer that was slightly different than the one he was expecting, Zander ended up helping out Arthur Anderson, so that they in turn could help him.  And more importantly, all of them were able to impact the lives of a thousand needy children! I was at the point of tears thinking about those underprivileged students and the spark that Zander and his orchestra brought into their world.
In Chapter 11, Creating Frameworks for Possibility, I was again moved to tears by the letters that the orchestral students wrote to the NASA scientists, and the letters that were sent back to them.  What an awesome exercise, to connect music and science and let them both see the incredible value inherent in their work.  And the idea that those letters will be available on the space station for all the astronauts to read as needed? Awesome!

Here's a story worth watching, if you missed it the first time it aired:


  1. Oh my goodness, look at those babies with their momma and her fiddle! Precious. Thanks for sharing a great story. Definitely lighting a spark :)

    The letters to the NASA scientists touched me too, especially the comment "The only time when music or space have boundaries is when humans create them. Thank you for keeping the possibilities alive." Ashley age 14. Fourteen years old? What maturity and depth of thought.

  2. Wonderful video and reflection on the reading.