Friday, May 4, 2012

MAC Week One: Comment to Kristen's Blog

See Kristen's entire post on Copyright here:

In her post, Kristen said: "Although I am happy to have covered this subject, again I am questioning the order of class sequence along this journey at Full Sail.  I knew what copyright was and that there were some rules, but I never really knew all that entailed until embarking on my Full Sail journey.  I was first made aware of it when I made my introduction video, Week 1 of Month 1, when I had looped the introduction to a Darius Rucker song as my background music.  I had JUST used iMovie for the first time, the music files wouldn't show because I was missing an update, and my iTunes library was nicely showing right there.  Since then, we have been been constantly reminded of the rules of using your own photographs or making your own clip art.  It wasn't until Full Sail that I was introduced to Creative Commons, a site that I now use often.  Since I have to make up ALL of my own curriculum, I used to always just do a Google search for images and use those throughout my lessons.  Now that I have been made aware, I always try Creative Commons first.  Maybe it is just me, but I think that this lesson and the lesson on iMovie would have been INCREDIBLY helpful in month 1; I had to find out with a marked down assignment."

I couldn't agree with you more, Kristen! I, too, got docked early on for using music that was my own property and then again for using music that I had mistakenly identified as royalty free.  And, it seems that some professors are more lax about deducting those points! I have to admit that I've been guilty of Google-ing images that I need for my classroom presentations as well.  That's one reason that I've never made my presentations public on a school website, I knew that getting the images straight from Google wasn't exactly kosher.  Maybe we should put in one of our evals that we would have really benefited from this class earlier in our course of study.

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