Thursday, May 17, 2012

MAC Week Three: Comment for Shrav

In his blog, classmate Shrav Krishna comments on this week's readings:
"Are you enjoying 'The Art of Possibility' yet? Did you think it was possible to remove yourself from a seemingly constrictive and incessant bind to rack up accomplishments and enter a convalescence of enjoying a life full of zest and free will? I live in Chicago guys, where this week into next the NATO summit will literally be invading all aspects of my world. My family and I received letters of bizarre announcements, such as our mail being delayed and to avoid bringing backpacks or water bottles onto the public transportation services. Yet, rather than complain, I have bestowed upon myself the opportunity to practice Rule Number 6 (to lighten up), succumb to a newfound appreciation for the global leaders from 28 countries visiting Chicago, be in the present and embrace the silver lining, and give way to what is to come. This book we are all reading is changing my life completely."

What an awesome opportunity, Shrav! I hope you definitely take this moment to live in the now and enjoy the way things are! With your skills and talent, all those world leaders could be there just for the off chance of bumping into YOU!


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