Saturday, October 22, 2011

W4-RILS Links to Comments

My FSU classmate, Cyndee Taresh has posted her RILS on Educator Studio.  Cyndee's project involved using Wordle and Facebook!! I love it when teacher's use social media in the classroom, kids are going to use it no matter what we do...we might as well use it to our advantage.  Here's my comment on Cyndee's project.

Another classmate, Sahpreem King, designed his project around a web 2.0 tool called StoryJumper and used his son Kahlil to illustrate the effectiveness and ease of use for this tool.  See my comments on his project here.

My classmates, Kristen and Katie, have created and implemented an interesting project using Voki that involves a group of students using the animated avatars to tell about themselves.  Great work, ladies! Here's a link to my comment on Kristen's blog.

Another classmate, Irving Peralta, posted an awesome Final Project for ETC using iGoogle.  Irving introduced his teaching team to the organization tools in iGoogle and Google calendar, as well as Blogpost.  In his video you can really see the interest and excitement in his team, it put a smile on my face!  Here's a link to my comment: Irving Peralta's Final Project.

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