Thursday, October 13, 2011

PE4_Strip Designer App

My next project for the Emerging Technologies class at Full Sail I am creating and posting a Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario using Web 2.0 tools.  My goal with this project is to engage my students, have them come together and work as a cohesive unit to enhance their learning in my classroom.  Since my overall theme is a little play on the Field of Dreams slogan..."if you build it, they will come"...I am using this project to illustrate one of the strategies I'm planning on using to make my class so much fun that they won't want to miss a single day of learning!

 My RILS project will have my students using cameras (our class set of iPods) and an app to create comic strips.  Their subject matter: How a Cell is like our School!  The first tool they will be using is an iPod app called "Strip Designer" that costs $2.99 in the app store.  It is well worth the money! I tried a few free and "lite" versions before buying this one, it is BY FAR the easiest to use. 

The only instructions I gave my students were for the analogy itself.  I didn't give them any instructions for using Strip Designer.  Of course, they are all very familiar with apps and smartphones, they had ZERO problems creating the cutest comic strips!

As you can see, the app has filters that the students could apply to the photos to change their appearance.  I was pleasantly surprised with all of the effects that my students used, many that I would not have thought of.

Some of the analogies that they made were not ones that I would have used, but I didn't correct them as Step 2 of this project is to have another group analyze their analogy and decide whether they made valid choices or not.

Also, you can see that this student had trouble getting the text to fit in the text bubble on the right.  I watched my students help each other learn how to use this app.  It was very rewarding to see those kids that are maybe not known for being the smartest kid in class, but that have alot of mechanical aptitude, take over and shine with this project.

Here's a video of my students' work.

Hope you've enjoyed this APPle!

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