Thursday, October 6, 2011

PE2_iMovie Tutorial

Almost finished with the iMovie Tutorial at  The second third of the tutorial deals with editing clips and photos, and using the transitions and themes provided by iMovie.  In my experience with iMovie so far (in the first three months at Full Sail),  I've found iMovie to be very user friendly for people who have never worked with video editing software.  I've made three or four movies since I started the program and figuring out how to work iMovie has been the easiest part so far! Of course, I had Lynda to watch when I got confused, but still...
In the movies that I have created myself, I have used the editing tools to break my movie clips into pieces so that I can add transitions in key places.  I've used the themes to create a professional looking end product. I've used title overlays and adjusted the Ken Burns effect.  I didn't know how to use the cropping tool, so I was glad to see that segment of the tutorial! I also didn't know about stabilizing the video and applying video effects to my shots.

The best thing I learned today was about the green screen! I can use the green screen in photo booth and apply it over video in iMovie! How cool is that!

                                                                                         Screenshot of Garrick Chow from

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