Saturday, October 8, 2011

PE3_iMovie Tutorial

Finished the iMovie Tutorial at last night. Most of the information towards the end of the tutorial I already knew, I'd figured it out by trial and error since I've had to publish/share my iMovie videos already. So it was just a matter of finishing up and getting my certificate!

I used the information that I learned in the tutorial to put my Popplet video clips and photos into a new iMovie.  Adding background music was a new trick, I really like it! I probably could have made the video half as long, but I love watching the kids "play" with their vocabulary terms! I could have added some narration, but my students were doing just fine without my voice overlaying theirs. Yes, those are birds in the background, two lovebirds.  Funny how we don't notice them in class, but it's the first thing I noticed in the video clip!
Enjoy this Apple...

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