Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've nearly finished setting up iGoogle as a Personal Learning Environment to use with my  Full Sail coursework.  I've been using iGoogle as my homepage for a few years now, concentrating on my newsfeeds, mail, etc.  For this assignment I have added my social networks and an RSS Reader to my homepage, and two more pages with links for FSO Courses.
The benefit of using iGoogle for my PLE is that I can access it from any computer! All I have to do is set it up as the default homepage on my school computer and the desktop at home and I will have access to all the information I need without having to worry about copying links, favorites, lengthy web addresses, etc.  It's very handy to have everything in one place.
In the future, I can see me using the multiple pages for school, hobbies, or whatever!
Home pages


Resources page

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