Monday, September 26, 2011

BP1_Welcome to my Blog

This blog will contain posts for my Emergent Technologies class at Full Sail University.  Yes, I'm working on my Master's while also working full-time as a teacher.  Crazy? I think so! So far I am really enjoying my classes.  I've learned to use several new tools, which I have in turn used in my class.  Some favorites from the last few months:
GarageBand (for podcasts)
Wordle!! Even my students are using wordle for projects in other classes.
Photo property of Amanda J. Rhymer, Delicious links, made with Wordle

I chose the title "An Apple a Day..." for several reasons.  First and foremost, I am a teacher! Teachers and apples go together! But more importantly, since I was diagnosed with Diabetes seven months ago, this has become my daily mantra.  I've completely re-made myself, with diet and exercise, over the last 7 months.  This re-make has involved LOTS of apples! Through diligent hard work on my part (and a great deal of patience on my husband's part) I now have my Diabetes completely under control with no medication.  It is a daily struggle to change my life and the way I think about what I eat and why.  The simplest way I know to sum it apple a day....


  1. Amanda, I love your title. It fits for your teaching and your lifestyle. I have truly enjoyed working with you for these past three months and look forward to the rest of the program~ and beyond! I feel like you are a great teacher and friend and we will stay in contact long after Full Sail is done.

  2. Hi Cynthia, Beautiful!! will you please follow my blog?

    let me know also if you can post comments. Thanks.