Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Ideas for QR Codes in the Classroom

Following up on my previous post on QR Codes in the classroom, I've done a little research.  One way we might use the QR codes in our library is to have the AP English and PSAT classes review the books they've read and post those reviews for their classmates.  Picture this: A student has to have a fiction book to read for his English class, he goes to the library and uses his phone to scan the QR codes on a poster of book titles.  Each QR code is connected to a 1-2 min. podcast of a book review done by a fellow student.  Quickly, our student is able to find a book that will interest him!  This project directly benefits the student who is looking for a good book to read, but it also indirectly benefits that upperclassman who has now created and published a book review that could potentially be available worldwide!
Another idea related to this, have QR codes linked to trailers of movies that have been published.  Not sure if you want to read that book? Watch the movie trailer first and see if it interests you.

These are ideas that I got after watching this video:

I also found this great QR code generator, that will generate a code for a variety of different sources, such as SMS messages, videos, web pages, etc.  The same person has also created a QR reader/scanner for ios devices.  It's free for the basic scanner, there is an upgrade if you would like to use your Smart device to create the code also.

More apps to come!!

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