Tuesday, November 22, 2011

iPads in the Classroom

Another great resource for Apps in the classroom can be found at LiveBinder.  Mike Fisher has gathered a ton of resources for teachers using iPads in the Classroom, and it's updated frequently.  Mike also has other LiveBinder resources that are valuable for teachers.  You can check out his blog at DigiGogy.


Apps for Project Based Learning

If you're interested in using web tools and apps in your classroom to motivate your students (and who isn't interested in that?) You should head on over to Tony Vincent's Learning in Hand blog.  He has fantastic tips for using handheld technology, and reviews of specific apps.  Be sure to watch the videos of his students...who knew learning could be so much fun?
Tony has posted a new article, featuring this Wordle, full of apps used especially for Project Based Learning.  Check it out!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bloom's Taxonomy of Technology

I taught four sessions of professional development this week, ClassParrot was by far the most popular tool that I offered. Almost every teacher in each session signed up for an account, and we brainstormed ways that we could use this tool in our classes to make life easier.  I also demo'd Animoto, Popplet, Prezi and the Google suite of tools. I ran out of time in EVERY session, which was a surprise! I guess I'll have to do it again.
Here's a great graphic that I found on Pinterest, and followed the link to this blog:
Runde's Room has great ideas for teachers of all subjects, check it out!
Your APPle o'the day....